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About Travel for Peace

Travel for Peace will be working to give young people faith in that conflicts can be resolved and peace can be created, and that their own attitudes are decisive. We are a non-profit organisation and our surplus is donated to idealistic organisations that work for peace, human rights and just distribution. Our headquarters are based in Risør, Norway.

Themed Travel

Travel for Peace arranges themed travel for young people and adults. The focus of these journeys is to put oppression and war into perspective to human rights and tolerance. The journeys usually take us to Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic, but we also arrange themed travels to other destinations, such as, South Africa, Gambia, the Baltic States, France, the Ukraine and Romania. Over 10,000 young people and adults travel with us every year. Many of the people working for Travel for Peace are idealists who don’t mind putting in some elbow grease without getting paid for it. That’s why our peace travels are cheaper and available to many people.

Passing on of Knowledge

We pass on our knowledge of conflict resolution and peace making, as well as stimulating people to take part in positive processes, through courses, workshops and Internet based information. Witnesses of our time, who have experienced war and oppression in the flesh, are important information providers.

UN’s human rights

Travel for Peace will work to strengthen people’s belief in that each and every one of us has rights and duties that are sacrosanct, as they are described in the UN’s Convention on Human Rights.

Fair distribution

We focus on the importance of a more just distribution of resources in order to create safety and stability.

Multicultural understanding

War and conflict often have their roots in fear of the unknown as well as lack of tolerance and respect for that which is different. By sharing knowledge of culture and identity, we will work towards the disintegration of xenophobia and strengthen the joy of diversity and cultural differences.

Award ceremony

Each year we award the following: Fangenes Testamente (The Prisoner’s Testament) and Blanche Majors Forsoningspris (Blanche Majors Reconciliation Award) in order to shine the spotlight on individuals and organisations that have contributed to peace making processes and to conflict resolution.


Travel for Peace is independent of political parties. We cooperate with organisations, clubs and individuals with concurrent philosophies and objectives.